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Paradigm Financial is proud to offer the PRSPlan™ to those companies and professionals who have a qualifying corporate structure and philosophy. The PRSPlan™ allows a company to provide a discriminatory benefit plan for its owner(s) without negatively affecting its balance sheet and which may also make it easier for the owner(s) to sell the company down the road to a next generation family member, key person or outside third party. The PRSPlan™ focuses on maximizing tax free retirement income by accumulating capital in an asset class that enjoys the upside of the market’s potential with very limited principal risk.

At Paradigm Financial, we design and implement every form of tax qualified plan but the administrative costs, discriminatory testing issues and taxation at retirement issues have made these plans less desirable in many cases. The PRSPlan™ focuses the client on retirement income maximization by accumulating assets that have tax advantages at retirement when the money is needed most.

Every PRSPlan™ is custom designed to meet your specific retirement income goals and business exit strategy needs.