Life Insurance Premium Financing

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The ParadigmPlan™ is a proprietary premium financing strategy only made available to the affluent who can pay the fully insured premium but who believe the premium that would have been paid is more valuable invested elsewhere. That premium becomes integral as a ‘retained capital’ account is maintained for future use, paying down or paying off the premium financing arrangement if so desired or needed.

Qualifying clients will be afforded the right to borrow:

  1. the planned premiums
  2. interest on those planned premiums
    • Clients need not “roll up” all premiums nor interest due, as they have the annual right to pay premium and/or interest in part or in whole

At plan inception, clients post cash equivalent collateral based upon an agreed upon proforma. The proforma assumes certain increases in borrowing costs over the current rate and interest credits applied linearly to the policy cash values all of which are non-guaranteed but considered to be extremely conservative assumptions.

Policy death benefit is designed to increase to repay the outstanding premium financing loan yet deliver the original policy death benefit to the named beneficiary typically an Irrevocable Trust. Minimum death benefit is $25mm for all insureds.

Each client, their trustee and tax advisors are involved in the decision-making process. Clients must be able to prove liquidity 50% greater than the projected high-water mark of the projected collateral as shown in the proforma. The client and trustee also must sign certain disclosure and hold harmless agreements for the life insurance companies and our organization due to the sophistication/ complexity of the ParadigmPlan™ premium financing arrangement vis a vis its risks and potential benefits.